The Pulse Healthcare Equality Project is an independent, community-based program dedicated to improving the quality and safety of medical care for patients belonging to at-risk groups: ethnic and racial minorities, those who have certain specific diseases, and those belonging to any vulnerable or discriminated-against community outside the mainstream. 

By working with these communities we develop tools that they, the medical community, and patient advocates can use to remove some of the obstacles to safe care that participants report to us.

The primary objective is to learn from members of these communities themselves what they feel should be done to keep them safer as patients and then turn what we learn into educational tools and programs to offer back to the community.

The Healthcare Equality Project, previously called The Long Island Patient Safety Advisory Council, was developed with support from North Shore LIJ Health System, Macy’s, and the Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund.

There is extensive evidence and research that finds unconscious biases can lead to differential treatment of patients by race, gender, weight, age, language, income and insurance status.     The Joint Commission

The Healthcare Equality Project