Black Mothers Face Higher Complication Rates When Delivering Babies in NYC


​January 2017

When she went into Kings County Hospital for a Week 40 checkup, she wasn’t in labor and did not expect to deliver a baby that day. During what she thought was a routine pelvic examination, the doctor kept going deeper. It was uncomfortable and confusing; when she hit what she figured was 10 on the 1-to-10 pain scale, she cried out, “What’s happening?”

​Racial Bias in Medicine Leads to Worse Care for Minorities​

​US New and World Report

February 2016

Dr. Ron Wyatt stopped into an award-winning hospital in the west Chicago suburbs last July after developing a concerning fever. He’d just returned from a week volunteering to spend time with orphaned children in Zambia, Africa, and his temperature had risen to nearly 104 degrees that day. 

​Implicit bias in health care

The Joint Commission

April 2016

On the eve of the 15th anniversary of two seminal reports from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) –Crossing the Quality Chasm1 and Unequal Treatment2 – we find that racial and socioeconomic inequity persists in health care. In Crossing the Quality Chasm, the IOM stressed the importance of equity in care as one of the six pillars of quality health care, along with efficiency, effectiveness, safety, timeliness and patient-centeredness

MOMS,  Making Maternity & Obstetrics Safer


Did you know? African-American women have higher infant, fetal and perinatal mortality rates than women of other ethnicities?

The Perception Institute


Since the 1990s, researchers have examined how unconscious mental processes may be contributing to the serious differences in health care outcomes between black and white patients. These disparities are real and quite serious. Black people fare worse in healthcare outcomes in virtually every category, including chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. 


Fighting the subconscious biases that lead to health care disparities

ACP Hospitalist

Growing up in rural Alabama at a time of segregated waiting rooms and physicians who refused to touch black patients, Ron Wyatt, MD, MHA, ACP Member, saw health care disparities firsthand. “And frankly, I had never met a black physician,” he said.

Facts and Reports on Racial Disparities

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